Cardiff Eagles Personnel

Off-Ice Personnel

John Sisnett
General Manager

Joining the team in 2013, John has quickly featured prominently in the squad and has quickly earned the respect of his team mates evident from him being selected as a captain. Now taking the role of GM, John has established himself as a core member of the Eagles.

Dave Thomas
Finance Manager

Dave gave birth to the Eagles and has ran the team since it’s creation. He has known the team through various changes in personnel and through the good, and the bad times. Dave remains the hardest working Eagle and is the very heart of the team.

Matt Lacey
Social Media Manager

2nd person on the club to have reached 100 games. Has been around the club for numerous years and has been invloved previously with off ice responsibilities as Fixture Secretary. He is now in charge of the clubs Social Media has platforms


Matt Salisbury
Coach and Captain

DA454A9F-549E-42F9-A35D-B8D787532695Since joining in 2010 Matt has quickly made a name for himself registering over 130 points since joining. Matt has been a assistant captain for 2 years before taking up the role of captain for the previous year. Matt took on the role of coach and captain from the 17/18 season